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Things to Do this Half Term

It's half term next week - seriously, this year is just flying by!

As parents, it's often a bit daunting to figure out what to do with the children during half term - particularly in February when the weather can so often work against you. So, I've pulled together some ideas for things to do over the half term week - hopefully, you'll find them useful!

A Winter Picnic - Obviously this is somewhat weather permitting! Fingers crossed we manage a few dry days - as long as it's dry (and not absolutely freezing) in my book, you can wrap up warm and picnic. I take hot soup (well it is a winter picnic) in addition to the usual fare and we head to the park. Of course, if the weather's really bad and going out is a complete no-no, then I have also been known to picnic at home on a blanket on the living room floor; the children love it!

Visit the Library - check out what's going on at your local library - over half term, you'll often find libraries have various events on, story time sessions and visiting authors. Even better, sessions are normally free!

Get Active - Whether it's going for a swim (great whatever the weather's up to), going for a walk, a bike ride, having a kick around, ice skating or trying out one of those indoor climbing centres - there are plenty of activities you can have a go at.

Go Local - A little research online can often be a real eye opener in terms of free activities which are local to you. If you live in easy reach of London, there are absolutely loads of things to do - check out the guide in Time Out.

Museums & Galleries - Many museums and galleries are free- and also offer additional activities for children over the holidays.

Arts & Crafts - Getting arty needn't cost a lot - and it's another great rainy day activity. The Arts & Crafts for Kids website has some fantastic ideas from model-making to puzzles.

Cookery - My two absolutely love cooking - whether it's baking treats like cakes and cookies or making their own funny face pizzas. Half-term can be a great opportunity to try out some new recipes.

Cinema & Film - There are some fab children's films out - including Tangled, Yogi Bear and Gnomeo & Juliet. It's another great option if the weather's conspiring against you! Or, if the thought of a packed cinema fills you with dread, you can always create your own cinema at home. Rent yourself a DVD - get the children to make cinema tickets and movie posters and make your own popcorn.

Finally - make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Ready for Ten's voucher round up (due to be published today - Tuesday 15th Feb) for some great half term offers!

I'd love to hear about your plans for half term and, of course, any other suggestions you have - do let me know via the comments :)

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    From Lucy Quick
    Hi Mummy Beadzoid,

    Awww - maybe go with a mate?

    Oh and carpet picnics are fab - best place for a picnic given the weather today! xxx
    From Mummy Beadzoid
    Wish my little girl was old enough to sit through Gnomeo and Juliet - I REALLY want to see that!

    I think you've just inspired me to have a carpet picnic this coming weekend! :D
    From Lucy Quick
    Thank you! xxx
    From Mummy Zen
    A great list of suggestions, I don't think I can add to it! I like the winter picnic idea especially.
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