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This Month in the Blogosphere - July 2010

Hello and welcome to this month in the blogosphere - July 2010 edition.

Essentially it's a round up post of anything and everything which has made me inadvertently snort tea out of my nostrils, inspired me, made me cry or is otherwise note-worthy. I'm hoping to make this a monthly feature so if you've any suggestions for future inclusions please contact me via twitter or email me - lucyquickk (at) googlemail (dot) com - (oh and yes, that's right - two ks - my proper name was already taken - I'm always late to the party).

So, got your tea / coffee / wine / G & T at the ready? Let's get stuck in:

First up is Positive Thoughts for Annie by MummyZen - a post which is both so sad and yet so inspiring it's a must read. I'm sure you'll all join me in sending some super-strength positive thoughts Annie's way.

Next up, a thought-provoking one from Living with Kids - How do you talk to children about Death & Divorce? - check out the great comments too.

Now for some fun - the fabulous @Jax2000 writes about The Toddler Language Barrier (this was a snort tea out of my nostrils moment) - an absolute joy.

Then on to the so cute it hurts Toy Story 3 Effect from Rosie Scribble - just adorable.

Rachel's back (yay!) and on top form after her blogging break with Long Arms - aaah more cuteness :)

Tara Cain asks What Makes a Perfect Dad? - a wonderful post, and fabulous comments too.

Yummy Mummy No 1 talks Sports Days and whether competition is a good or bad thing - for my money it's the parent's races that cause the real drama!

In the event that heading for the Winchester proves tougher than you'd first hoped- check out MamaPop's 10 Movie/TV Badasses you'll want with you in case of zombie attack - then get their numbers on speed dial - y'know it makes sense, right?

And finally - just because I think these dancers are amazing! Check out this video! (Sorry my dears I would have embedded it so you could watch here, but for some reason computer said no - I'm guessing it's human error).

What did I miss? Please do let me know which posts you've really enjoyed this month & (until next month at least) - that's all folks! x

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    From Lucy Quick
    You're welcome - hope all's well with you! xxx
    From Rosie Scribble
    Thanks very much for the mention! I was away when this came out so I've just caught up now!
    From Lucy Quick
    Hi Mummy Zen,

    You're more than welcome my dear, hope all's well with you xxx
    From Mummy Zen
    Hi Lucy, thanks very much for the mention of my recent post. Really appreciate it. Great to have some other recommendations from you to check out too. xx
    From Lucy Quick
    Hi Sarah - glad you enjoyed it! x
    From Sarah O'Keefe
    Fantastic round up with loads of gems. I loved The Toddler Language barrier especially. Keep up the good work!
    From Lucy Quick
    You're welcome! x
    From YummyNo1
    Thanks so much for the mention! x
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