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Summertime... But the Living Ain't Easy!

If I had a £1 for every person who said "Oh that must be a lovely job - nice long Summer holidays, huh?", I'd be rich beyond my wildest dreams and sunning myself on my own idyllic island - cocktail in hand. I might also have someone peeling me grapes, not because I have a particular aversion to grape skin, but just because it seems marvellously decadent.

The truth is, whilst the Summer holidays have arrived, sadly I'm far too busy to relax and enjoy them.

Contrary to what you might expect, the Summer is far and away the busiest time for us at all at Perform. In addition to running the holiday courses, we're all rushed off our feet putting the plans in place for next term's curriculum. There are producers and writers to commission not to mention the teachers - who of course have to be taught the new songs and routines.

As an example of the sort of work that goes on, check out this video of some of our teachers learning the Fairytale Dance for last term.

Plus, as we're continually expanding - 20 new schools in September and a further 20 in January - we're busily auditioning teachers at the moment. It's a pretty tough process (although not as hideously cruel as the Britain's Got Talent panel). Typically we'll audition around 60, and end up recruiting around 5.

I'm also really excited as we are opening schools on the south coast for the first time - there's two in Hove and one in Brighton - oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Even if I'm not on holiday.

So there's lots of exciting things happening, and certainly lots to look forward to come September. And once the new schools have bedded in I plan on rewarding myself with a little break. Probably back home to Wales to catch up with my Mum, aunties, uncles and cousins, it will almost certainly rain but I won't care - because I will be that relaxed and happy :)

In the meantime (just to keep me going) I'd appreciate it greatly if you could all regale me with tales of your Summer holidays, trips, escapades etc. as I plan on living vicariously through you lovely lot.

Enjoy yourselves, and spare a thought for little old me whilst you're out playing with your buckets and spades! x


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