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Shine Everything Is Possible Summer 2023

Cinderella Rocks

Our autumn theme for 7-12s

We’re going to the ball with our modern rags-to-riches show Cinderella Rocks for 7–12s, in September. 

This witty rock version of Cinderella features struggling band, The Ugglies, in their quest to top the charts with charming music mogul, Simon Prince. But they soon find that it’s  hard to make it big in the music business. With a glittering record deal on offer, now is the chance for youngest sister Ella to shine.

But can the Fairy Stylist work his magic and transform her from wretched to Rock Chick before midnight strikes?

Get the album

The Cinderella Rocks DVD features the music videos performed by professional actors, singers and dancers. We’ve also created an mp3 download which includes karaoke versions.  

Go to perform.org.uk/cinderellamp3



Watch the videos

 See how our professional actors, singers  and dancers bring the songs to life at perform.org.uk/cinderellarocks.

Download the FREE app

The Cinderella Rocks app (for Apple and Android) is the ideal companion to the show. It contains a complete copy of the script, special walk-through videos of the songs and dance moves to help children practise their performances at home. There’s even a recording studio feature where children can perfect their renditions!

Download it FREE from the Apple App Store or Amazon App Store.


Try a Cinderella Rocks class FREE

 If your 7–12 year old has never experienced Perform and would like to be part of the show, why not book a FREE introductory session today so that they can try a class? Go to perform.org.uk/try


The whole class always come out absolutely bursting with excitement and energry. It's a joy to see. - Harry Martin


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