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What parents said about Perform

In May, Perform parents were invited to complete a short survey about our classes and we received a very high response rate with some wonderful comments. Thank you to all who participated; here are the results.

Parents want confidence + fun

79% of parents book Perform to help improve their child’s confidence whilst 70% book classes as a fun weekly activity.

Perform classes are designed to build confidence in a fun environment and our ‘Confidence Building Fun’ strapline really does sum up our brand. This doesn’t mean that our classes are only for children who are lacking in confidence. In fact, far from it. Our classes bring to life lots of scenarios which most children may at some time find tricky – be it learning how to negotiate, putting across an opinion or confidently entering a room.

They love our teachers

99% of parents believe that Perform teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic and 92% say that they are interested in their child’s development.

The Perform recruitment process is rigorous and, as we are not a franchised organisation, we have one team who select and vet our teachers and their training takes place centrally at our head office. This means that we achieve consistency (ie they are all wonderful!) and, if your child was to move from one class to another, you would still feel the same Perform vibe. This is also how we can offer ‘make up’ classes at nearby venues if you sometimes can’t get to your own class.

We're confidence boosting

76% of parents have noticed that their child seems more confident since joining Perform while 67% find their child is speaking more confidently.

While our classes are designed to do this, it’s reassuring when we receive feedback from parents which tell us that our classes are doing just that. We frequently hear that school teachers have noticed a change in a child’s confidence in the classroom, or that a child has volunteered to do some solo speaking they would not previously have done. Our classes boost confidence along with the other three Cs we focus on every week: communication, concentration and coordination.

We have a positive impact

94% of parents believe that Perform has had a positive impact on their child.

Most children who come to Perform don’t realise that our classes are designed to benefit them socially; they will usually think that they are with us to sing, dance and act, make friends and play lots of games! This is of course all true, and the best way for children to learn is when they are relaxed and having fun. It’s therefore wonderful when parents tell us that their children get so much enjoyment from our classes.

Parents recommend us

A whopping 97% of parents would recommend Perform to a friend.

This is a huge compliment and we are thrilled to find that this number remains as high as when we ran the same survey pre-Covid. We recognise and reward this loyalty via our ‘Introduce A Friend’ scheme which you can read about at perform.org.uk/friend. If you recommend a friend who signs up for classes or a holiday course, you will both receive a £30 credit. Children are always welcome to bring a friend to a class to see if they like it – their parent just needs to check class availability by signing up first at perform.org.uk/try.

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