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Our summer theme for 4-7s

Calling all Superheroes, we need your help. Come and join our Perform Superhero School to receive special training for our Top Secret Mission!

From April, Perform children will unearth their hidden superhero powers as they go on an expedition to save the world. Global warming threatens the planet, so our brave Superheroes have gathered together to cool things down. Their supercharged adventure will see them rock with Rocket Girl and sing along with brainy Brainio but will they make it to Partyland in time to restore order?

Our warm and friendly team of teachers will bring this exciting story to life with a high-energy mix of games, raps, dances and exercises. Your child will enjoy themselves so much that they won't notice how many new skills they are learning, but we are certain that you will!

Get the album

Each term, we have a CD and mp3 download from our show, packed full of songs, dances and stories to enjoy at home. With the Superheroes download, children can prepare for the forthcoming secret mission with Rocket Girl, Brainio and many more. The tracks can be purchased online at perform.org.uk/superheroesalbum.

​Watch the videos

We’ll be rapping with Whirly Woman and Getting Hot on the dance floor – for a sneak preview of some of the songs and dances the children will be learning in Superheroes, visit perform.org.uk/superheroes.


Download the FREE app

Bursting with colourful videos, songs, dances and tongue-twisters, children will love learning about the challenges of global warming in Light Fight and flexing their creativity in Super Me and Hero FX. You can download for free from the Apple and Amazon App stores of Google Play.


The beaming smile when Annabelle finishes a class is so wonderful to see. - Katie Pashley

The fun continues at home

​As well as weekly activities, children will take home a colourful sticker poster to complete. There's also a special script to help your child rehearse for the end of term performance.

Book a FREE Superheroes classIf your 4-7 year old has never experienced Perform before, you can book a FREE introductory session so they can try a class. Term starts in April, we hope to see them there! Visit perform.org.uk/try to book.

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