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The sunshine after the rain

Covid-19 has affected so many aspects of life and Perform classes have been no exception. 

After worrying that we wouldn't be able to recreate the same fun learning experience within the guidelines we need to follow, we are so pleased that our Covid-Safe classes have been such a success. Perform Producer, Andrew Bowerman, gives us an update.

Tell us a bit about how things are going.

It's been really great to be back, especially seeing the children's smiling faces. We put a lot of hard work into implementing our return plan as per government guidelines (which in fact we go above and beyond) so at first it was a little daunting to try and remember every new process step alongside our very busy classes. I wondered if the children might be slightly reserved at first but if anything they have been the opposite, really excited to be back and hungry to learn the songs and dances. 

How have the children responded to the changes?

I've been so impressed with how easily the children have adapted, they've been amazing! They've readily embraced the new processes and were so pleased to be back that their total enthusiasm overshadowed everything. 

I think children respond well to change when when it is communicated well and delivered effectively - something you'd expect us to do well here at Perform! They've been brilliant at hand sanitising and hand washing and now instinctively know that they can't run and hug a friend or whisper in each other's ears.

Our job is even more important than before, making sure that their time at Perform is the best hour of the week. I just want to try and ensure that when they are in class they can forget about what's happening in the world and have a safe space to play, learn and above all - have fun!

My daughter Jimena really enjoys Perform. It's been a challenge for everyone to adapt and I think you have done beautifully. - Barbara Hunt

The one-way system and staying on their little socially distanced islands is now just a regular part of a Perform class. I think it is easy to underestimate the capabilites of children and assume that they may be stressed or anxious about a new or changed situation but often they will be much more relaxed than we think. Our weekly skills focus covers areas relevant to the current Covid situation (like adapting to change and spatial awareness).

And parents?

They've been great, and we appreciate that as there have been changes affecting them too, like the fact that they must drop their child off and can no longer stay and wait. Our non-contact sign-in and sign-out processes have worked like a dream and actually makes the process faster. It's all just become the new normal.

I'm thrilled that so many parents had faith in our ability to deliver classes which were both safe and successful. Our mission during this time of change has been to remain calm, kind and full of the Perform warmth and fun that the children know and love and I'm pleased to say that I think we've achieved that.

​Keeping your child safe at Perform

Class set-up

  • ​Class sizes are determined by venue size, in accordance with government guidelines.
  • Venues are ventilated as much as possible without compromising security.
  • Parents are not permitted in venues.
  • Classes run with 5 minute gaps to avoid congestion at changeovers

Social distancing

  • ​Registration at main door for a socially distanced handover.
  • Electronic sign-in and sign-out.
  • Children are grouped in small consistent bubbles than never meet.
  • Children are allocated their own special 'island', 1 metre from other children.
  • Teachers have a dedicated 'teaching space', 2 metres from the children and each other.
  • There are no contact or direct hald-holding activities.

Hand washing and hygiene

  • ​Regular hygiene checks and cleaning of multi-touch surfaces before, during and after classes.
  • Children use hand sanitiser before entering and leaving the class.
  • Hand sanitiser and tissues available at all times and hand washing (for 20 seconds) will take place at regular intervals.
  • The children are reminded about Catch It, Bin It, Kill It at every class.

​Find out more about how we're keeping our classes Covid-Safe here.

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