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Robinson Crusoe in Space

Our autumn production for 7-12s

This term, our production for 7-12s is a thrill-filled roller-coaster ride through the universe and beyond.

After Captain Crusoe accidentally steers his spaceship into a meteor field, he is stranded on Mars with only the Crusettes for company. Ever resourceful, he builds himself a home and waits to be rescued by a passing intergalactic craft. But when Commander Cannibal and the Confederation arrive to capture the Martian children for their cooking pot, Captain Crusoe faces his biggest challenge yet. Will he be able to defeat the cannibals, save the kids and get back home?

"I have never known my daughter to enjoy and look forward to any classes as much as she does Perform." - Chantelle Avey

Get the album and watch the videos

The DVD and MP3 download contain all of the songs from the production and are available for purchase or download from The Perform Shop. For a sneak preview of the songs, performed by professional actors, dancers and singers, watch the videos.

Download the FREE app

The Robinson Crusoe in Space app is an ideal companion to the classes, containing the script, special walk-through videos of the dance moves and videos featuring actors performing the musical numbers. For Apple and Android devices, it also contains an interactive recording studio feature. Download it FREE from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.


If your 7-12 year old has never tried Perform before, book a FREE introductory session online so they can discover the fun for themselves.

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