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The Dream- our summer theme for 7-12s

From April, we’re bringing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream bang up to date, setting it in the world of celebrity magazines, the tabloid press, footballers and pop stars. Complete with funky music, energetic dance and hilarious dialogue, The Dream is the must-have ticket for the summer term.

The children will join Oberon, Titania and a host of famous faces as they battle for the media spotlight in the cut-throat world of celebrity life. Who will make the cover of this week’s gossip mag, Livin’ The Dream? Will Bottom win No-One’s Got Talent? And is the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta a national celebration of love or a PR hoax masterminded by a ruthless Svengali? Join us from April – our hot-off-the-press production is going to be ‘sensational’!

The Dream album download

The Dream mp3 download contains all of the songs from the show performed by professional actors and singers. Go to performshop.co.uk.

Fun and funky FREE app to download

The Dream app is the ideal partner to the show, containing a complete copy of the script, special walk-through videos of the song and dance moves and professionally produced pop videos featuring actors performing the musical numbers.

There’s also an interactive recording studio feature! Download it FREE from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

Visit perform.org.uk/thedream for a sneak preview of some of the songs and dances included in this fabulous production.

"We just love Perform! They are transfixed from the moment they walk in the room."- Sarah Newman

Try The Dream class free

Your 7–12 year old can try a free class if they’ve never tried Perform before – there’s no obligation, just give us a call or visit perform.org.uk/try.

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