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Rise of the Robots

Our summer Perform X dance theme for 6-12s

This April, the singularity arrives. Robots are now essential every aspect of our lives. They prepare our food, clean our houses, provide our leisure and enable our travel. 

But what happens when the robots tire of their menial existences and rise up? What happens when they throw off their digital chains, short out their circuit boards and decide that, instead of cooking up your meal, they'd rather cook up a storm on the dancefloor. 

Rise of the Robots is a thrilling street dance for 6-12s charting robots' transformation from obedient slaves to masters of popping and locking. Book your seats for the end of term show now! 

Book now for Summer 2019

It's time for technology to strut it's funky stuff! If you haven't already booked and would like your child to take part, just call our friendly team on 0207 255 9120 or book online.

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