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Alert! Alert! This is a Code One Emergency.

Alien invasion in progress!

Our Perform X dance classes are in for a treat this autumn as we get funky with some visiting aliens.

When London is invaded by thousands of green aliens, the residents are understandably alarmed. But once it becomes clear that the aliens just want to party, people realise life is much more fun with them around. Whether shopping, sightseeing or taking crazy selfies, these aliens have a lot in common with us. And, given their unique infectious dance moves, how long before they get the who planet poppin’ and lockin’?

We made the city of London smile as 30 aliens danced at famous landmarks for our music video. Enjoy the fully choreographed video online at HERE. Specially written and choreographed for 6–12s, this is a stunning and hilarious dance, telling the story of how we got invaded by aliens – and loved every minute of it!

Perform X is our dance-based class for 6–12s. These unique high-energy weekly sessions are designed to boost your child’s coordination, improve their concentration and give them a fun energetic way to  develop physical skills, get fit and have fun. 

Using original street and hip-hop music, the class is based around a specially designed curriculum which includes a mix of energetic games, physical improvisations and high octane exhilarating moves guaranteed to get young hearts beating faster. All class materials are produced by us and, at the end of each term, there’s a performance of a choreographed piece to a specially written track.

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