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Best Easter family films

The Easter holidays may herald the arrival of spring, but they also mark a fertile time in the world of film. From superheroes to super cute creatures, not to mention a lavish new version of Beauty and The Beast, here is our pick of the best family films this Easter.

Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Poster Image

A starry array of British talent lights up Disney’s latest blockbuster – a live action remake of the original 1991 film and based on the 18th century fairy tale about a young girl who learns the true meaning of love through her friendship with an ugly recluse. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens (who donned 10 inch stilts to play the beast) lead an intriguing cast of characters that includes Ewan McGregor as a candelabra, Emma Thompson as a teapot and Ian McKellen as a clock. The film looks ravishing with lavish French rococo interiors and romantic landscapes, while a few teaser snippets suggest Watson is more than capable of carrying the score, which combines songs from the original movie alongside new material.

Out Mar 17.

Beauty and The Beast is also the theme of Perform’s summer holiday courses this year. Running throughout July and August, our holiday courses run over three or five full days during which the children will put on a magical mini-show. Find your nearest venue at perform.org.uk/beauty

Power RangersPower Rangers Poster Image

Just as Batman was completely reinvented for the big screen, now it’s the turn of the five leotard-clad superheroes from Angel Grove to get a brand new Hollywood makeover. This new film, starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, is reportedly a complete reboot of the previous films. That said, the story – in which five high school kids have to harness their inner superpowers in order to save the world from an alien threat – sounds largely the same.

Out Mar 24.

Smurf: The Lost Village Poster Image
Smurfs: The Lost Village

Those cute little blue humanoids and their sylvan adventures return in this new stand-alone animated film, which marks a return to the simpler visual style of Pierre Culliford’s original 1950s comics. The story sees Smurfette and her friends in a race against time with the wicked wizard Gargamel to discover a lost village in the Forbidden Forest and features a mysterious new female character SmurfWillow, voiced by Julia Roberts. There is also a cameo voice appearance from our very own Gordon Ramsey as Baker. Sounds tasty.

Out Apr 7. 

The Boss Baby Poster Image The Boss Baby

Anyone who has a younger sibling will sympathise with Tim Templeton, the 7-year-old star of this new animation whose world is rocked when his parents bring home an unusually demanding new baby brother. Baby Boss, as he is nicknamed, is soon ruling the roost, much to the chagrin of young Tim who is convinced there is something a bit iffy going on. A highly amusing caper, featuring the voices of Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow.

Out Mar 31.


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