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Download the Peter Pan songs to practise at home

If your child would like to practise the Peter Pan songs at home, you can download them below.

To play, just click the titles below. To download, simply right-click the title and choose 'Save As...' to choose where to save on your computer.



Tick Tock



Both of my childern had a blast and loved every second of The Secret Garden holiday course. It was brilliantly run, in a covid-safe way, whilst ensuring the children had fun and felt involved. It helped them get ready for the "new normal".

– Miss Julie Mcquaid

I’m always amazed how the team pull off such a wonderful performance out of the children in such a short time. Charlie loves it so much, and he generally doesn’t like any holiday clubs!

– Joan Mccan

My boys had a wonderful 3 days which was topped by a lovely performance. I have no doubt they will still be singing the songs in the months to come!

– Mrs Maureen Williams

We can't wait for the next course we can attend! Georges just loved it.

– Dr Marcia Merlin

Both of my children absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for the great experience. Perform is professional, fun and a great chance for the kids to gain confidence :)

– Marisa

Aron enjoyed the classes a lot. Aled was great with the kids, very engaging and expressive. He's a super teacher and this was a super activity for half-term lockdown. Aron is looking forward to trying the weekly workshops.

– Mrs Sandra Van Den Ordel

We are used to the high standard of all Perform "products", the weekly classes and the party we recently held are always outstanding, and Grace loves it all. May I say that this course really managed to blow us away! The script was fantastic, the songs have been played in our home on repeat and the show was really extraordinary!

– Patricia Durao Lewi

We really love your work! I love seeing the children enter the world of their imagination and then feel so good with the practical result. Jamie was really proud of his work. We were delighted.

– Lisa

Our kids really loved the Perform course! We are new to Perform and we're really glad that we joined the holiday camp. My son is a little bit introverted, so it was great to see him really step up his confidence in just 3 days!

– Ann Kaufman

I absolutely love Perform classes and Ayah adores Miss Paige. It was a wonderful production, the kids loved it! I was especially pleased that you guys were able to accommodate Zidan’s Allergies. The entire experience has been quite wonderful.

– Ms Manahil Al Adawi
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