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Arabian Nights

December holiday courses for 4-10s

We’re off to wind-swept deserts this Christmas holiday with our Arabian adventure set in a land full of colour, magic and mystery. We’ll meet the Genie of the Lamp and discover the Cave of Wonders as your child explores the amazing world of their own imagination. With colourful costumes and original songs, they’ll star in a fantastic show that will delight family and friends. Watch the magic happen!

Our dynamic team of actors, singers and dancers will be with them every step of the way to inspire and encourage them. They'll help them project their voices, learn energetic dance routines, sing catchy songs, and develop the Perform 4 Cs: ConfidenceConcentration,  Communication and Coordination.

At the end of the course, the children will put on a show-stopping performance to delight family and friends complete with imaginative costumes and original songs. They'll also get a personalised certificate to celebrate everything they've achieved. 

But don't take our word for it, click here to see what parents have said about previous holiday courses.

Wonderful - Bette's been extremely happy!

– Ms Christine Wood

My daughter loves Perform and the humour in the scripts. I am always impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of the teachers. Thank you Perform for helping my child shine!

– Mrs Fiona Grayson

Aron enjoyed the classes a lot. Aled was great with the kids, very engaging and expressive. He's a super teacher and this was a super activity for half-term lockdown. Aron is looking forward to trying the weekly workshops.

– Mrs Sandra Van Den Ordel

Daniel “love love loved it!” (His words).  Andrew was super lovely, enthusiastic and friendly. What an amazing job. Well done and thank you!


– Ms Maureen Murphy

Noa couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Great team. Thankyou so much.

– Ms Karen Katz

I could not believe how ‘professional' the performance was considering the children only had five days in which to learn their parts and feel comfortable with each other. A tremendous achievement!

– Mrs Marian Clarke

It was lovely to see Diarmuid walk in and get stuck in straight away, especially as he was crying most of the morning worrying about it. On collection he seemed so happy. It was obvious to see he had enjoyed himself and he has already asked to go again.

– Miss Stacey Armiger

Imogen loves her Perform sessions and they are really helping her gain confidence

– Sarah Burge

Sam really enjoyed the week. He was a bit overwhelmed, being one of the youngest in the group and never having been in any sort of play before, but he stepped up to the mark and wasn't all that quiet on the day!

– Jane Lewington

They both really loved it which is wonderful particularly given Sophia is still so young. Thank you - they will be back!

– Joss Conrad

What your child will enjoy

  • Fun-packed drama, dance and singing sessions throughout  
  • Daily, five hour sessions over three days (10am-3pm)
  • Enthusiastic experienced workshop leaders
  • Tailored approach enabling all children aged 4-10 to participate fully
  • Final performance for friends and family with colourful costumes and live music
  • Personalised certificate of achievement for every child

Courses run Monday 17th- Wednesday 19th December. The cost of the three-day course is £200*.
Please click to find details of your nearest venues or to book online.

*We offer a 25% discount for siblings and reductions for groups.
 All children are required to wear a Perform T-shirt throughout the duration of the Holiday Course. If your child does not have a T-shirt, this must be purchased at an additional cost of £8.50.


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