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Lucy's blog

Are parents really to blame for the UK obesity crisis?

  I have just read an article in The Telegraph that features TV presenter and Property Developer Sarah Beeny. I found it so patronising that I had to share it with you all. Even given the propensity of the media to embellish and make a good story out of anything, I...

Children, fresh fruit and vegetables - are we too obsessed?

I had to share this piece by Tim Lott in The Observer last week. Tim talks about the struggle he had to get his eldest daughter Ruby to eat fruit and vegetables as a child. Ruby refused to eat anything remotely healthy and the article starts with him talking about the...

The Lunch Box Debate

With the latest furore around packed lunches - just 1% meeting the basic nutritional standards apparently; I can't help but feel that as parents we're set for yet another bashing. I agree wholeheartedly that nutrition is important, and of course the findings of the...
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