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Shine Everything Is Possible Winter 2022

Confident School Interviews

The selective school application process is underway for 2023 and, with many schools holding interviews this winter, Perform brings you some top tips for success.

Be positive

Whatever your child has to talk about, make sure that they speak with enthusiasm and positivity. An assessor is looking as much at a child's nature as the answers they give, so it's important to focus not just on the content of what they say but also the way in which it is delivered.

Be honest

Schools will appreciate hearing about what a child enjoys and things they feel passionate about versus rehearsed responses which may appear unrealistic, or which have obviously been drilled. Ask a neighbour or someone who doesn't know your child too well to have some informal chats which will allow them to practise talking about the things they enjoy or are interested in.

Be expressive

In a formal situation like this, children may become a bit more reticent than usual and may not show their true personality. You can focus on bringing out your child's nature and self-confidence by role-playing questions and, by focusing on some of their favourite things, be it their pet dog or a favourite book, some of their personality traits will shine through.

Demonstrate confident body language

Good eye contact, a firm handshake and friendly, open body language all make a good impression. Your child can practise entering a room with their head held high and using direct eye contact when talking to people in shops etc so that they practise confident body language ahead of the interview date.

Use good listening skills

Children may think they need to do all the talking but an interview is essentially a conversation where they need to listen carefully and respond appropriately. They can practise careful listening with you at home, thinking of spontaneous responses rather than holding stock answers in their head.

Be prepared for the unexpected

As in any situation, your child may need to deal with the unexpected so it's a good idea to role-play some scenarios, for example, where they may be thrown a question which they are not sure how to answer. It is always better to say something than nothing so it is wise to have some strategies in place to deal with such situations.

Be amazing!

Each child has unique skills and attributes and the best outcome is that the interviewer gets to see this. So, make sure that your child KNOWS that they are amazing before they walk through that door, because if they can communicate how special they are, the interviewer is sure to think so too.

Perform offers Interview Technique sessions which focus on the above areas and take place in your home with one of our DBS-checked, experienced practitioners. Usually, just one session will be enough to give your child the skills and assurance to perform at their very best but we can also arrange a short course if preferred. For more information or to book, call our friendly team on 020 7255 9120.

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    Hi this is a great idea and while my daughter doesn’t need this for school interviews I wondered if you offer sessions on confidence more generally? Thanks
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