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Keeping kids happy, healthy and active

Not all children are naturally outdoorsy types, asking to play football in the rain or begging for a bike ride. However, the NHS suggests that kids aged 5 or over should be physically active for at least one hour per day as this strengthens bones and muscles, maintains healthy weight and builds confidence. We look at five ideas to get your child up and about.

1. Meet outside.
Arrange an outdoor playdate meet a friend and their kids and head to a park or for a walk. Energy levels always seem to ramp up that bit more when kids are with friends. 

2. Try Geocaching.
This modern treasure hunt activity combines the online world with the outdoors, using GPS coordinates to direct hunters to stashes of fun stuff placed by other geocachers. Ask your child to help you plan the hunt and choose what they’re going to hunt for, then watch them enjoy the thrill of following clues and finding the treasure.

3. Get dancing.
Dancing is fun and gets the heart beating faster. Book a dance class, play games like Musical Statues or Musical Bumps (not just for parties!) or have a family dance-off.  

4. Time them.
Kids love a sense of competition and, using the stopwatch on your phone, time them doing anything active at all and they’ll be super motivated. From star jumps to bunny hops, running around the park, walking to school, basically any- thing where they can try to beat their personal best. And don’t forget that they’ll love timing you too! 

5. Pack a picnic.
Combine a trip to the park with a picnic – few children will sit still for long when outdoors, especially if you take a football, hula hoop or skipping ropes. 

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