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Lucy's tips for a happy confident child

Hi, I'm Lucy Quick, Principal of Perform.

Happy and outgoing is the way every parent wants their child to feel.

For many years, I've enjoyed working with children and parents to help achieve this - developing drama, dance and singing classes with child development at their centre.

As Principal, I've learned a lot about children and the way that they develop the skills and attributes which define them as adults. In these tips on child development, I cover some of the issues parents raise with me about their children's development at various stages between the 3 months and 12 years.

If you find them interesting or useful, do also have a look at Games To Play At Home, a section devoted to some of the games and exercises we use in Perform classes to help develop social skills or visit my blog - a disparate collection of weekly thoughts, ramblings and musings about children, parents and family issues.

You can also follow me on Twitter or send me an email -  I'm always keen to hear from parents.

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