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Lucy's blog

Give your children the best education

Do you have a view about education? Most of us do. What is education for? How does it help our children? There are many politicians with extremely strong views about education. Are they right? Do they know how to bring out the best in our children? It’s a subject that...

How hard should you push your child?

There's a question I keep asking myself at the moment. “Am I pushing my seven year old too hard?” It’s something I know my other mum friends and I talk about when we are together.  So, it was interesting to read this article in The...

What does drama bring to people?

I know I go on about this in my blogs but drama is SO powerful. I'm aware that some people see drama as a dispensable add-on in schools. An extra-curricular activity that's fun but not educational. At a time of budget cuts and standardised tests I can see why...
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