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Lucy's blog

Drama Teachers Wanted!

When I first started Perform, one of my friends told me that ?staff would be my biggest problem?. She had her own business and said that finding the right people was her main challenge. In many ways, she was right. It is continual challenge to keep recruiting brilliant...

My child's not a Perform-type child

Two years ago, I offered my friend a free place at Perform for her son who had just turned 4 years old. She thanked me but declined saying ?He's not a performing sort of a boy but I'm sure his sister will enjoy it when she's old enough, she's really confident...

Holiday - what holiday?!

It's the Easter holidays and I'm often asked if this is a nice quiet time for me at Perform. Well, it's definitely quiet in the sense that we only have our holiday workshops running and not our normal workshops, but actually the holidays are probably my busiest...
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