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Lucy's blog

And what do YOU want to do today darling?

I remember being very small and really not wanting to go to my ballet class (isn't it weird how certain childhood memories just stick?) I was standing at the top of the stairs and my Dad (a bit of a softie) was quite happy to let me skip the class. But my Mum told him...

Louisa and the gift of confidence

Louisa was five when I first met her a year ago. She turned up looking small and terrified. In fact, I'd never seen a child so nervous before. Children often get a bit teary at their first session but Louisa was distraught. Her mum was in a similarly panicked state...

The Tiger Mother in all of us?

It seems impossible to pick up a newspaper or lifestyle magazine without coming across a reference to Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother written by Amy Chua - Law Professor at Yale University and author of two heavyweight books on economics and politics. From the moment her...
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