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Should We Call Time on Fairy Tales?

Earlier this month, I was reading a post on Penny's blog - Reinventing the Fairy Story - in which she said: I struggle with fairy stories that lack girl power. I'm with Fiona in Shrek 4 who said life isn't a fairytale and that she rescued herself from the tower....

On Having the Courage of Your Convictions

Parenting is undoubtedly tough. Whatever we do, there are books telling us we're doing it wrong, family members telling us we're doing it wrong, complete strangers telling us we're doing it wrong... Just a couple of weeks into the New Year, there's some new...

Last Month in the Blogosphere - December 2010

Hello there! Sorry this is so late but I've been rushing around like the proverbial blue-bottomed fly getting everything ready for the new term. Meaning that Christmas and New Year are now long gone - but nonetheless..... The X Factor is done and dusted, the Strictly...
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