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Lucy's blog

Helping Your Child Develop Thinking Skills

At Perform we talk a lot about the benefits of drama in terms of child development; we tend to break it down to the four Cs: Confidence; Communication; Concentration and Coordination. Whilst of course drama does indeed benefit children in these core areas, of late I've...

Keeping Children Focused (or Taming the Rabble!)

Being the Principal of Perform I've learnt a good deal about crowd control over the years - keeping a gaggle of 4 to 8 year olds focused and entertained is no mean feat. I met with some of my teachers this week and was keen to get them to share some of their experiences...

Building Your Child's Confidence

We all want our children to be confident, but some children struggle. At Perform I speak to many parents who are concerned about how little confidence their children have. Some are sceptical that a children's drama class can actually help. After all, asking a child who...
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