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Building Your Child's Confidence

We all want our children to be confident, but some children struggle. At Perform I speak to many parents who are concerned about how little confidence their children have. Some are sceptical that a children's drama class can actually help. After all, asking a child who...

Music & your Child

Most children love music, whether it's singing nursery rhymes complete with actions (of course), having a little dance or even listening to something more soothing before they go to sleep. My Mum loves to tell people about how I would make up my own songs when I was...

Christmas Car Journeys - A Survivors' Guide

Many of us make trips to visit family and friends around Christmas and of course over the New Year. As such I get lots of questions from frazzled parents enquiring whether I have any tips to make those long Christmas car journeys go smoothly. Well, smoothly might be...
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