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Lucy's blog

Creating Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - a story that has been told to generations of children and passed down through families across the world. 156 years after the book was first written by Lewis Carroll and read by the likes of Queen Victoria and a young Oscar...

Things to do at home during lockdown

As we find ourselves well into the new term at home school, we thought we'd share some tips, exercises and resources to make your new job as "teacher" a little easier. First things first,well done you! You're not only having to ease your child into a new...

Five Fabulous Things to Do This Half Term

I know we're now half-way through Half-Term but, if you're struggling with inspirational ideas to fill up the last few days, here are a few thoughts that will keep you clear of the theme parks, museums etc. Whilst doing virtually any kind of activity will involve...
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