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More than just a drama class

I remember reading the Annabel Karmel recipe books for cooking inspiration when my children were young. One of the pasta sauce recipes she recommended was great because the vegetables were disguised, resulting in a delicious pasta sauce filled with vitamins and goodness...

The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Some parents think that, when they send their child to Perform, it's about having fun,  singing, dancing and acting, and that's certainly true. But's it's also not the whole truth. Right from the start, Perform was always about much more than...

How to help your child enter a room confidently

We have a different life skill focus each week at our Perform classes. These focuses are chosen from a combination of requests from parents over the years and my own experience as a mother of two. For example, the inspiration for last term’s “Manners...
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