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Lucy's blog

Keep calm and breathe

A few weeks ago, we covered a topic in class all about how to relax and calm down if you’re feeling worried or anxious. In all our drama, dance and singing classes, we always have a weekly focus which helps to develop children’s social skills. Topics range from...

The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Some parents think that, when they send their child to Perform, it's about having fun,  singing, dancing and acting, and that's certainly true. But's it's also not the whole truth. Right from the start, Perform was always about much more than...

Helping Your Child Develop Thinking Skills

At Perform we talk a lot about the benefits of drama in terms of child development; we tend to break it down to the four Cs: Confidence; Communication; Concentration and Coordination. Whilst of course drama does indeed benefit children in these core areas, of late I've...
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