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Is breast-feeding actually best?

I read this article in the Independent in June and it made me so cross that I couldn't bear to blog about it. However, following all the international coverage about The Duchess of Cambridge breast-feeding - and having calmed down somewhat(!) - I thought I should share...

Why French Children Don't Throw Food

There’s been a lot of discussion in the press recently about Pamela Druckman’s intriguingly named book,  French Children Don’t Throw Food, which promises "parenting secrets from Paris". I’m always a bit sceptical about...

Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Baby

This week I thought I'd share a story about my own experiences as a Mum. Our son was 23 months when I brought our daughter home for the first time. Now, there are lots of different opinions over what to do when introducing a new baby to your toddler for the first time....
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