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Lucy's blog

Returning to Perform post-lockdown

When schools closed on 20th March, so did Perform. Apart from major holidays like Christmas and Easter, there's almost always a Perform activity running somewhere and we're generally been active 360 days a year with term-time classes, holiday courses and birthday...

10 things to ask when choosing an extracurricular activity for your child

If you’re like me, you’re probably in the process of choosing after-school or weekend activities for your child for the autumn term. It's a tricky process with so much choice out there.  I’ve been running Perform for 17 years now and, based...

Should we let our children learn from their own mistakes?

It is a fact universally acknowledged (thank you Jane Austen) that parenting is difficult. There's no real training course, no previous experience and yet the risks if you get it wrong are serious and far-reaching. In particular, as parents, we are challenged with...
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