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Shine Everything Is Possible Summer 2023

Wizard of Oz

Summer holiday courses for 4-10s

We’re off to see the wizard this summer, as we sing and dance our way down the Yellow Brick Road to discover the world of Oz.

Your child will enjoy a joyous journey to the Emerald City, discovering the sparkling ruby slippers and braving the spooky haunted forest in our adaptation of this heart-warming story.

Our talented acting-singing-dancing teachers will bring the classic story of the Wizard of Oz to life using original songs, energetic dance routines, improvisation and games. Each day, the children create wonderful mini arts and crafts projects too! 

As the course heads towards its grand finale, the excitement builds as the children don scarecrow suits, animal costumes and tin hats and get ready to star in a show stopping performance to delight family and friends.

How to book Find your nearest summer venue by calling 020 7255 9120 or book online at perform.org.uk/wizard

What makes our courses different

Perform holiday courses deliver an absorbing and engaging experience for children and we often hear that it was their favourite holiday activity. We incorporate carefully designed confidence-boosting activities and games with plenty of fun, friendship and laughter.


Drama-based games and exercises are  used to boost confidence as we work  on focus, character, communication  and vocal projection – with heaps of positive feedback and praise. Your child will develop concentration, imaginative thinking and speaking  skills as well as increased self-esteem.


Energetic and fun exercises inspire imagination and develop coordination. We’ll look at physical skills and style as we get ready for the performance. Your child will improve coordination, balance and core stability. They’ll also enjoy greater self-assurance, improved posture and confidence to participate  in physical activities.


Warming up our vocal cords with  some lovely singing, we will learn fun songs, silly rhymes and tongue twisters which help improve articulation and projection. Your child will enjoy a boost in confidence, concentration and communication skills, all while giving reticent children a chance to shine. 

Stanley and Herbie enjoyed the Wizard of Oz so much. It’s been brilliant and has boosted Herbie’s confidence. - Katherine Jones

What your child will enjoy:

  • Five fun-packed full days of drama, dance and singing 

  • Energetic and inspiring team of actors, dancers and musicians

  • Engaging arts and crafts activities
  • Original music and fabulous costumes
  • Thrilling performance on the last day for family and friends 
  • Personalised certificate for every child

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