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Dance classes 6-12s

Alien Invasion

Alert! Alert! This is a Code One Emergency. Alien Invasion In Progress.

When London is invaded by thousands of green aliens, the residents are understandably alarmed. But once it becomes clear that the aliens just want to party, people realise life is much more fun with them around. Whether shopping, sightseeing or taking crazy selfies, these aliens have a lot in common with us. And, given their unique infectious dance moves, how long before they get the whole planet poppin’ and lockin’?

Specially written and choreographed for 6–12s, Alien Invasion is a stunning and hilarious dance telling the story of how we got invaded by aliens – and loved every minute of it!

Click to watch the production video on the right featuring professional dancers in and around London. 

Ruby is always buzzing with excitement when I pick her up from her Perform X class. She practices her moves with enthusiasm all the time. The teacher, Oliver, is full of fun and has a great attitude which promotes confidence and happiness in all the children. I can't recommend the class enough. 

– Rosie Lee

River says it’s "amazing", "awesome", "brilliant", "hard work" and "the best dance class".

– Jonathan Dove

The workshop was well structured giving children plenty of opportunities to learn the dance steps and then to have a go at choreographing their own short dance. They worked as individuals and as a group. The theme was engaging and the children really enjoyed it.

– Emily Manners

Vincenzo really enjoys the Perform classes and is excited about the Rise of the Robots performance. The teachers did a very good job at integrating Vincenzo into the existing group of children and I was glad to see him comfortable and excited about the classes. He is very happy with Perform.

– Ms Vasiliki Georgiou

My children had a great time with Oliver and Perform. They love to come every week and enjoyed the Rise of the Robots dance.

– Mr Slawomir Wozny

I’m delighted with the new Perform X dance classes. They’re perfect for my son – really lively and fun whilst structured to get children active and give them a real confidence boost.

– Natasha Bruno
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