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Nine year olds

Lucy QuickNine is a lovely age and most children show more responsibility, independence, obedience and ability to get along with others. They're starting to develop feelings of empathy and altruism and this is when they learn to be a good friend.

Many Perform parents comment on their child's improving self-motivation - though of course this varies enormously with different children. However, almost all report noticing a new level of self-sufficiency and independent thought. You might notice better self-control, a new ability to think about a problem and plan how to solve it, greater persistentence and concentration resulting in hours of focus on a task.

Nine is usually the age at which children develop a conscience. Your child probably recognizes when they have done wrong, but also when they have failed to do right. They're less likely to try to blame or excuse their actions but still use these tactics when they are embarrassed or ashamed. Honesty, fairness, and truthfulness are important to nine year olds and your child will look for these qualities in himself and in others.

Here are some of my thoughts on issues that may be of interest to parents of nine year olds. Comments and suggestions are always much appreciated!

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