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Birthday party ideas

Whilst entertaining an excitable bunch of four and five year olds might seem like a daunting undertaking, follow my tips below and it can be as easy as ABC.


First you need to decide how many children to invite; whether it's 5 or 6 friends, or the whole class! Once you've decided on numbers, you'll need to enlist an appropriate number of adult helpers. As a rule of thumb, I'd suggest one adult for every four children.


I'd suggest mid-afternoon, say from 2pm-4pm. This way you can serve up a birthday tea (snacks and cake) rather than feeling pressured to serve a full meal. Make sure you check any dietary requirements with the parents of those children invited. If any of the children have serious allergies, it's probably best not to serve anything at the party which might contain those ingredients as it can be tough to keep an eye on who's eating what!

Ideas for games

Traditional children's party games like pass the parcel, musical bumps, pin the tail on the donkey etc all work well for this age group. Remember, if you are giving out prizes try to ensure that every child wins something once by the end of the party. Also make sure that any prizes are boy/girl appropriate!

You might also like to try something like a treasure hunt: draw a map, and leave clues so the children can hunt for the treasure together.

Balloon games also work really well: split the children into two teams and have them pass the balloon between their knees from child to child. Or get the children to hold the balloon between their knees and race each other. Or you can get them to play keepy-uppy with the balloon, piggy in the middle, volleyball, etc.

Your schedule

Now, this might sound a little over the top, but planning out what you're going to do is a really good idea. Split your 2 hours into slots with an activity in each:

2pm - 2.15pm Balloon Games

2.15pm - 2.30pm Pass the Parcel

2.30pm - 2.45pm Treasure Hunt

2.45pm - 3.15pm Birthday Tea

3.15pm - 3.30pm Blind Man's Bluff

3.30pm - 3.45pm Duck, Duck Goose

3.45pm - 4.00pm What's the Time Mister Wolf

You don't need to stick rigidly to the schedule; if the children are enjoying one particular game, let them play for longer. It's also a good idea to have some other games planned in case one of the planned games doesn't go down so well.

Or... call in the professionals!

If you're really not confident about entertaining a group of four to five year olds, then let us help you. Perform provides hugely popular theme-based entertainment at over 1500 children's parties every year.

Find out more about a Perform Party for your child.

Bethan was really outstanding! In all the parties I've been I've never seen anyone so good at engaging with children. She made my daughter feel really special and she and all her friends thoroughly enjoy the party. Many of the parents attending the party also asked me where we found her and two of them approached her at the end of the party to ask for more information about Perform. As i said... she was really outstanding! Thanks Bethan for making Vera's happy on her birthday party.

– Mr Giuseppe Verni

Amazing how Rochine kept ALL the children focussed for the full hour - impressive! Other parents were amazed to see their children joining in with everything. Superbly energetic too!

– Ms Jenny Collar

Antoinette was a dream. She handled the children brilliantly, keeping them entertained for hours and protecting our decorations! She was so helpful and was instrumental in making my daughter's first proper school birthday party a massive success. She epitomises Perform's best attributes; the can do attitude, friendliness and engagement. Thank you so so much

– Mr Matt Zitron

Wow! What an amazing party!! Laura created an exciting, imaginative and lively world, jumping in and out of character with the children in the palm of her hand. Amaia had a fantastic time and Laura made her feel so special. I couldn't have asked for more.

– Ms Shelley Valdivia

Antoinette was completely brilliant at getting the reluctant children to join in. She and I were both worried that one of the little boys who was sharing the party wasn't going to get involved because he's shy but she knew exactly how to engage him and by the end he was yelling bananas loudly in her face! Bravo. She was full of energy, fun and enthusiasm and as usual I got to tell everyone how brilliant I think Perform is. I am hoping to be able to use some vouchers for next term as a result. . . .

– Miss Camilla Stoddart

Perfect 5th birthday party - the kids had a complete ball! Matthew was warm, friendly, professional and had the kids laughing from the moment they arrived. Thanks so much!

– Mrs Lisa Long

Ashia was amazing! The children were in awe of her and the way she captured everyone's attention..... even the parents! From the minute she walked into the hall to the time she finished, she had soooo much energy and motivation. An excellent performer and postive comments on how engaging she was. She even made time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

– Mrs Sunita Chotalia

Jen was amazing! She engaged even the shyest of children for the entire two hours, and helped with every aspect of the party -- even cutting and passing out cake -- so that I could relax and even enjoy myself. Other parents gave rave reviews as well. Jen is a pro, and we were so pleased we chose Perform for our daughter's party! We also appreciated that she came in a sequinned mermaid outfit for our mermaid-mad daughter.

– Mrs Anne Austin

Katherine did amazingly well keeping a group of 25 3 and 4 year olds fully engaged for an hour! She made the party so easy and stress free for the parents and the children loved it! Thank you!

– Mrs Alina Jardine Goad

Ashia was a fantastic entertainer. The kids loved her and were transfixed for the full hour

– Ms Ilka Dickens

Anthony was great - he has boundless energy and every minute of the hour was utilised to the full. The girls had an amazing time and their friends were still talking about the party at school today. Thank you

– Ms Clare Hawkins

Annie was brilliant with the kids, and I have comments from the mum's about how much the kids enjoyed the party. Eliza said it was the best party ever and she was sad the day was over!

– Mrs Louise Zorgji

Antoinette was superb! I received very good comments from other parents who were very positively surprised how all the children were involved in the "adventure". As parents we know it is not at all an easy task to get so young children engaged and having fun together for so long! I would definitely recommend her. She is magic! Laurence's 5th Birthday party has been a great success. Thank you Antoinette, Thank you Perform. Sara, Laurence's mum, Islington.

– Ms Sara Caselunghe

Charlotte was absolutely outstanding today. We are so thrilled with how the party went. She created a huge amount of fun and energy and had complete control at all times. So, so pleased. Thank you Charlotte!

– Mrs Jo Jones

Hannah was very professional and brilliant with the kids. Thank you very much!

– Ms Leticia Barcena

Charlotte was a great performer and was able to hold the attention of the children throughout.

– Mrs Jo Flenley

Antoinette was amazing! She has engaged with and kept entertaining 30 kids with great professionalism and enthusiasm. My daughter Gaia and her friends had an amazing tropical party. Many thanks!


– Dr Dominika Dabrowska

An utterly captivated audience from beginning to end...no-one wanted the dinosaur hunt to finish! Rhia was, as she always is during the weekly Perform sessions, absolutely brilliant. Warm, funny and engaging, Rhia thrilled her whole audience; I cannot recommend Rhia more highly. This was a birthday party to remember which was due to Rhia's consummate professionalism, passion and enthusiasm. Thank you!

– Mrs Victoria Gayle

Katherine was wonderful! She engaged both girls and boys really well, especially considering it was quite a girly theme, and my daughter had the best time imaginable. Thank you very, very much for such a great experience.

– Mrs Renny Scorey Wyn

James was a fantastic party leader, he took the children on a dinosaur adventure they will never forget. I was very nervous before the party as there were so many 4/5 year olds who needed to be kept focused and entertained (30 of them) but James grabbed their attention right at the start and it didnt waver. Thank you so much for a fantastic Perfom party

– Mrs E Chandler

Rochine was amazing. She had a group of 20+ five year olds utterly captivated for the whole hour. Our daughter had the most amazing time. The best entertainer we have ever had.

– Mrs Rebecca Danner

So impressed. None of the parents could believe how Rebecca kept 30 kids not just occupied, but entranced. Brilliant, thank you.

– Mrs Emma Rundle

Abi as fantastic. So many mums asked me the name of your company and remarked on how engaged the children were.

Abi was fabulous. We couldn't have asked for a better entertainer. Thank you.

– Ms Sam Jones

Rachel was fantastic - she made Anna's party very special. All the children were fully engaged and they all loved it! Thank you Rachel.

– Ms C Walford

Sarah was very quick to establish and instant rapport with kids. She kept them completely busy through the party. All the parents too thought she was fantastic.

I am very glad I chose a perform party.

– Mrs Simran Arora

Lots of our guests were commented on how good charlotte was. All the kids, even smaller ones, were engaged in her entertainment. Also she was very helpful in many way to run the party really well. We were very happy with her. 

– Ms Nobue Zimmern

Maria was absolutely fanatstic!

– Miss M Grossenberger

The feed back from the children was very positive, we thought Bethany was fab! She was very punctual and also really kind in offering her help at the end of the session. We would certainly book again for another party.

– Mrs Emma Turner

Thank you for making my daughter's party so special - all the children had a wonderful time and the overall reaction from the children was "amazing!"

– Mrs Kay Low

Hannah enraptured the guests immediately. They smiled and laughed, beginning to end and hung on to her every word. It took all the stress away from me. Hannah was brilliant, and I would use her again.

– Mrs Caroline Versallion

Antoinette was fabulous. My daughter had a blast and her friends are all still talking about it at school today. Thank you Forgetful Fairy for a fabulous Fairytale forest party.

– Ms Vjera Magdalenic-Moussavi

Laura was absolutely brilliant. All the children had a great time. There was lots of laughing and fun. Laura managed both the children and grown ups expertly. Amazing!!!

– Mr Ed Tomalin

Laura was super. All the children had a lot of fun from the beginning until the end. They enjoyed her lead and performance, they all had really great time. Thanks to her so much.

– Ms Hannah Vu

We are so glad that we chose Perform Parties as Gemma's enthusiasm made the party. So far it has been the best birthday party we have had!

– Mr Stephen Young

Lizzie was a great party leader. Children loved the games and singing. she was very helpful to us as well, helping us to set-up and generally very kind and organised. We really enjoyed it.

– Miss Marianne Grimshaw

From start to finish dealing with Perform was a pleasure.

– Ms Huma Nasir

Went really well, Abby engaged all the kids who really enjoyed it. Mums commented on how good she was. A big thanks from us!

– Mrs Claire Campbell

Laura was great and very engaging, the kids had lots of fun!! We have to do this again.

– Ms Rachel Boly

It was the second time we chose Perform and our 6 year old son's party was a great success. All the childten had a great time. Would recommend for a super, fun-packed party.

– Mrs Eleni Chalikia

We had Sarah for Luke's party last year too and we thought she was great! She helped keep the children entertained throughout. Another great Perform party!

– Dr A Maxwell-Scott

Rochine was amazing and my son said it was the best birthday party he has ever had! Thank you so much!

– Mrs Sarah Hudd

All the kids had an amazing time and Laurianne was great with them. Money well spent :)

– Mrs S Hobden

Laura was absolutely great for the entire two hours. All the children engaged with her, without exception. My daughter thought it was fantastic.

– Mrs Ceri Wyatt

Abigail was brilliant! The children were engaged and had so much fun, they really warmed to her. It was a busy party and she kept everybody entertained.

– Ms Sian Nelson

Her level of energy was amazing and the children really loved every minute. Rosanna has already asked me if she can have another Perform party next year!

– Mrs K Heffernan

Rochine was brilliant with the kids! They all had a brilliant time and can't stop talking about it!

– Mrs Krina Patel

Great time had by all! She really took control of the group and had them mesmerised for a full hour!

– Mrs S De Ramon-Laca

Jessica was brilliant with all the children, and my daughter was over the moon to have a "drama class" at her party!

– Miss Susan Green

Oliver and his friends loved the Puppy Patrol theme. Laura was bubbly, enthusiastic and had a great voice. It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling children (and parents). Thank you so much.

– Mrs Tracey Scott

Jason was absolutely amazing, he captivated the kids for the full 60 mins.

– Kate O'Donovan

Hannah was great, kept all the children concentrated on the games and everybody participated. She engaged with them from the moment she arrived. Great party! 

– Mrs Ana Perez

Sarah was fantastic and did a great job with a very large group of children of different ages ranging from 3 to 7. Thanks so much!!!

– Ms Connie Lo

Sammi was superb. Warm, fun, capable and very flexible. Thank you so much for sending her!!!

– Ms Anne Hayhoe

Beyond fabulous in every way - Rhia you are a star! Many many thanks! 

– Henrietta Verdon-Roe

Isobel was absolutely thrilled with her party. Rhia was able to engage and involve every single party guest. She was amazing!

– Mrs Claire Hoyle

We're obviously pretty impressed! She was absolutely outstanding, and several of the mothers are now planning a Perform party. Thank you all!

– Ms Jessica Stephens

From the moment the party started to when it finished, the children loved it. Rachel captured their imaginations, they listened, participated and didn't want it to end.

– Mrs Sarah Wickham

Abi was fantastic. A brilliant party entertainer but also incredibly helpful. Went above and beyond. Many thanks Abi - complete star!

– Mrs Simpson

Aled is an absolute super superhero. He's SO enthusiastic, genuine and just made the party so much fun.

– Laura Moxham

Devora was just brilliant! The kids loved her. She had so much energy and had so many fun games to keep them entertained. I would definitely book a Perform party again. Thank you!

– Mrs Amelia Lees

Robyn was a sensational hit with all of the children and the parents at the party.

– Anna Tonry

Perform is peace of mind, trouble free and guaranteed party success.

– Marina Olivati

Harriet has announced that today's party was better than her one last year at Disneyland Paris...!!!

– Joanna Bevan

Jen was excellent. All the kids were buzzing from the excitement, adventure and games with her for a long while after! 

– Annabelle

Olly was high energy and very funny which kept the children engaged throughout, he made the birthday girls feel extra special.  

– Sue Mcleod

Abi was wonderful!! So lovely, perfect with the children and just made the whole party experience - for both children and me - so easy. 

– Vicki Clark

Oliver was great, engaged the children straight away and kept their interest throughout. It is a real skill to entertain 20 rowdy 7-year-old boys.

– Zena Lingard

Miranda was terrific! Bright, engaging and energetic with the children and warm and flexible with the parents. A very talented entertainer!

– Ruth Sullivan

Daisy was incredibly engaging and held the children 's attention for the entire party. I couldn't fault her and was extremely pleased.

– M Smith

Hannah was amazing! She had a group of 25 5-year-olds entranced for the entire party. Thank you!

– A Hall

You don't have to check if the performer is good, you know it.
You don't need to wonder if the kids have fun, they just do.

– Marina Olivati

Alex was friendly and warm. She kept all 24 children engaged and happy for the entire party (which I have not seen any other entertainer achieve yet!).

– Alexandra Da Silva

Thank you very much Lisa Marie for a fabulous party - the girls were all still apparently talking about it in school today! 

– Lisa-Marie Mchugh

Sammi was amazing! With so much energy, engaging the children throughout. Absolutely the best party entertainer I have ever seen.

– Laura Zalcman

Wonderful beyond belief! Thank you

– Paula Vaccaro

Zelia was amazing. All the parents were asking me where I found her and everyone commented on how good she was. 

– Amanda

I don't remember a children's party before this one where all the children were engaged the whole time! Luke had a great time.

– Katie Fiszman

We were amazed how she kept them engaged for so long and it was such an unusual and exciting theme. They are still talking about it now. 

– Name supplied

The children loved Charlotte and she pitched it perfectly. The children's faces were so happy and animated... A joy to see!

– Anna Frangos

The children had an amazing time. Zelia was fun, professional, and kept their attention for the
full hour.

– Emma Walsh

She was particularly good with the shy children who normally sit on the sidelines. She managed to draw them out beautifully.

– Susan Nourse

After the meal, we saw several kids re-enacting in the garden some of the adventures Sasha had taken them on, so we could tell it
was a hit!

– Alice Darley

All of the children had a wonderful time. It was energetic, fun, entertaining and most of all, the talk of the playground this morning. Kate is awesome!

– Erin Niumata

Matt was full of energy. He held everyone' s attention and kept them enthralled the whole time. 

– Jill

Laura and Holly were both brilliant. They were energetic and enthusiastic and kept the children's attention for the whole two hours. Highly recommended!

– Sarah Andrews

Jill did a fantastic job at the party. She was professional, friendly and most importantly, incredibly engaging with the kids. I will recommend Perform. 

– Lara Livgard

Jess was fabulous. She engaged wonderfully with all 15 children, who she had in fits of laughter while also having their absolute focus - a rare skill! 

– Gemma Willis

Jason was fantastic. He single handedly managed and entertained 20 5-year-old boys for a whole hour - and they were enthralled from start to finish. 

– Johanna Brotherstone

I was very impressed how Georgia had a bunch of 27 children under her spell, they were very excited and had a wonderful time
with her! 

– Ela Law

Ceri did an amazing job, I was able to relax knowing she had everything under control! The kids laughed and sang their way through the full two hours.

– Kirsteen Marton

One hour was the perfect length - the children had a wonderful time. There was a lot of laughter and the birthday girls were made to feel very important. Thank you.

– Carla Gibson

Daisy is amazing - the party was everything Bella hoped it would be! We are very pleased with how it went, perfect!

– Kate
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