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Birthday party ideas for 5 year olds

What, where and how?

So your child is about to turn six, but what should you do to celebrate? Do you want to have a full-on party? If so where will you host it? If your child's not keen on the idea of having a party, perhaps inviting just a couple of children to do some sort of activity might be a better option?

Really the possibilities are endless, and ultimately whatever you do needs to suit your child. It is their birthday after all!

Themed parties

If you are thinking of a party, you can make things more fun by having a theme.Think Mermaids and Pirates, Superheroes, Fairies, High School Musical; whatever your child's into at the moment.

Get them involved from the outset: they can help design decorations; help decide on what to eat, what sort of games to play, etc. Not only will this take some of the pressure off of you, they'll also feel more involved and grown up.

Ideas for party games

At Perform we play lots of different games many of which make ideal party games. Click for more information on each:

Oh My! - a variation on musical chairs;

Ten second objects - an upbeat and exciting ice-breaker;

How low can you go? - a fun physical game that doesn't need much space.


Alternatively your child might prefer to have an activity based party. Arts and crafts can be really fun and don't necessarily need to cost a lot. For example, each child could design their own plate or cup with a pottery painting party. The kits can be purchased relatively inexpensively, or there are some pottery cafes which can host your party for you.

Specialist venues

There are a wide variety of venues which will host and run your children's party. Examples include leisure centres, soft play centres, gymnastics clubs, sports centres and so on. Alternatively, you could spend a day at a zoo or children's farm. However, costs can quickly spiral at these sorts of parties and you may find that if many children have their parties at the same venue, it gets a little tired.

Perform Parties

If you're really not confident about entertaining a group of six year olds, then let us help you. Perform provides brilliant theme-based entertainment at over 1500 children's parties every year. Find out more about a Perform Party for your child.

A big thank you to Laura who was a wonderful party leader. Evie and her friends had a fantastic time.

– Mr Tom Pearson

Very impressed with how she entertained the children and managed to keep the engaged. She was very professional and patient with the kids . She was also flexible to incorporate some of my game ideas. 

– Ms Layo Osoba

Amy was amazing Ayla loved everything - we will definitely recommend her

– Ms Sarah Lyske

Lizzie was brilliant - thank you for a wonderful party!

– Mrs Louise Robson

Hannah was fantastic. The party was a complete success. The parents were messaging me during the party to say how much fun they are having. So a very big thank you to Hannah.

– Ms Xiaohui He

Aisha was fantastic, she had a large group of children and kept them engaged throughout. She was warm and friendly and had lots of energy. The girls had lots of fun, thanks so much!

– Mrs Elaine Thompson

Ashia was a fantastic entertainer. The kids loved her and were transfixed for the full hour

– Ms Ilka Dickens

Olly was high energy and very funny which kept the children engaged throughout, he made the birthday girls feel extra special.  

– Sue Mcleod

Rachel was great and her energy kept the kids engaged for the whole hour. Thanks!

– Miss Filipa Do Carmo

Rachel was outstanding! The children were all enthralled by the story-laughter, lots of action, games within the story- we couldn’t have asked for more!

– Lucy Paltnoi
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