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One Week Wonders

Themed online courses during the holidays

This half term, your child can enjoy a daily online adventure into one of six magical themes.

Whether they choose fun at the palace with a Perfect Princess, saving the world on a Superhero Mission or defeating the dastardly Captain Hook in Neverland Adventure, you can be sure that they will still have the trip of a lifetime, all from the comfort of your living room!

For one fun-packed hour a day, our warm and friendly team of theatre professionals will inspire and encourage them as they combine drama, dance and singing into a magical experience. They'll guide the children every step of the way and encourage them to project their voices, learn energetic dance routines, sing catchy songs and develop the Perform 4 CsConfidence, Concentration, Communication and Coordination.

But don't take our word for it, click here to see what parents have said about previous holiday courses and here to see what they say about our online classes, Perform At Home.

The One Week Wonders run over 4 days during from 1st - 4th June. Click below to view availability and book.


Choose your theme

Simply click one one of the themes below to find out more:

Meet Princess Perfect, the hard-working Royal who explains that there's much more to being a Princess than smiling and curseying. In fact, she needs some help on a top secret mission to rescue Sparkle, the rainbow unicorn from the clutches of the evil Red Queen. She'll need lots of strong and brave adventurers to get through the magic maze and climb up the tall tall tower. For 4-7s. 

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WHAM! WHOOSH! ZAP! If your child has always wanted to be a superhero - now’s the time. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s your child completing five superhero tasks before embarking on a mission to save the Crown Jewels from the Evil Baron. Using their superskills - courage, imagination, strength, memory, concentration and confidence – your child transforms into an all-powerful superhero. And all without leaving the house! For 4-7s. 

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The boy who never grows up loves to play in Neverland but there’s a problem. The evil Captain Hook has captured Peter’s friend, Wendy. She is about to walk the plank and plummet into shark-infested waters. Peter must act fast to save her. But he can’t do it alone. He needs your child to join him and the Lost Boys in a thrilling adventure. The children dodge a ticking crocodile, learn songs and sit in Tinkerbell’s magic chair before rescuing Wendy from Hook’s clutches. For 4-7s. 

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Join Jungle Jo, intrepid jungle explorer on a thrilling adventure. The children will be testing their resourcefulness as they set out on a dangerous Jungle Rumble. There’ll be sleeping snakes, hilarious hyenas and terrifying lions to outwit. Only the bravest of children will be able to complete the mission. Packed with catchy songs to learn and gripping games, prepare for a grrrrreat adventure. For 4-7s. 

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Phineas Barnum is down on his luck when he realises that life is too short to waste. Risking everything, he puts together The Greatest Show On Earth - a spectacular circus designed to show the public things they've never seen before. The Greatest Show On Earth is a specially written show combining uplifting songs, dazzling dancing and a heart-warming story into a fantastic production that every child would love to be a part of. For 7-12s. 

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Dance Fantastic is the perfect theme if your 7-12 year old loves dancing. Throughout the week, we'll be popping like robots, grooving like Egyptians and killin' it like the Killa Queen. Expect energetic warm-ups, high-octane workouts and working hard to put together some epic routines. For 7-12s. 

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What your child will enjoy

  • One hour per day over four days from  1st - 4th June. (see times and dates for more information) 
  • Specially formulated games and exercises boosting confidence and building concentration
  • Sessions run by enthusiastic professional actors, singers and dancers experienced in delivery high quality content over a video link
  • Tailored activities enabling all children aged 4-7 and 7-12 to participate fully

Please click here to find details of times and dates or to book online.

The four day virtual holiday courses cost £50. We accept card payments and childcare vouchers. There are no sibling discounts but siblings can join in on the same connection at no extra cost.

Access via Zoom

All classes are hosted on Zoom -  the world's leading video conferencing platform. For more information on our reasons for selecting Zoom and reassurance as to security and privacy, please click here


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