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From September, 7-12s will start rehearsals for the fabulous festive production of Ebenezer. Based on Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Caroland set in the snowy cobbled streets of Victorian London, the children will tell the story of Ebenezer Scrooge on the night that changed his life forever. Haunted by a gaggle of Freaky Apparitions, Scrooge sees the light, rescues Tiny Tim Cratchit and embraces the true spirit of Christmas. 

With rapping ghouls, break-dancing spirits and raucous cockney singalongs, this riotous all-singing and all-dancing show is guaranteed to delight family and friends.

As well as weekly fun and the chance to make new friends, there's a fantastic FREE app to download, a specially produced mp3 album to download plus a DVD featuring all of the songs from the show. Children will also receive a special script to rehearse with before amazing family and friends with their brilliant performance at the end of term. Click below to see some of the songs and dances performed by professional actors, singers and dancers. 

If your 7-12 year old has never experienced Perform and would like to be part of the show, why not book a FREE introductory session today so that they can try a class? 

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Ev'rybody Loves Christmas
Oh Ebenezer
Ain't what you got
Freaky Apparitions

FREE app available to download now

The Ebenezer app is the ideal companion to the show. It contains a complete copy of the script (best viewed on iPad), full production videos of all the songs from the show performed by professional actors, singers and dancers, as well as special walk-through videos of the songs and dances and a Recording Studio to help children practise their performances at home. 

Available NOW for FREE download from the App StoreAmazon and Google Play.

Ebenezer FREE MP3 download for all new sign-ups

The Ebenzer album features all the songs from the show performed by professional singers and actors, plus special karaoke versions, for children to sing along with at home.

The mp3 album can be downloaded from The Perform Shop where you can also purchase the DVD.  And new sign-ups and those taking out a new Direct Debit agreement can download absolutely FREE!* 

* Free download offer applies to new sign-ups or when taking out a new Direct Debit. Terms and conditions apply.

The Ebenezer script pack

Every child will receive a special Ebenezer script pack which contains all the lines and lyrics so your child can practise their part at home as well as the full musical score for every song.

Check out Lucy's tips on how to help your child learn their lines and make the most of the script with these games to play at home.  

FREE Ebenezer cast T-shirt at the end of term

One of the wonderful things about putting on a show is teamwork; working together as an ensemble.

This term, Perform 7-12s will be able to show off their achievements and that they were part of the show with their own Ebenezer cast T-shirt.

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