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To receive a Ruby Challenge Award, a student must demonstrate: 

  • excellent diction, projection and articulation. 
  • excellent vocal intonation and the ability to sing sensitively in character and in time with the musical accompaniment;
  • energy, coordination, rhythm and accuracy when performing a self-choreographed dance;
  • a wide vocabulary, fluency, excellent listening skills and eye contact when speaking and in conversation;
  • a basic ability to portray character using vocal and physical traits.

During the assessment, the student may be asked to do any 
of the following:

  • Perform a song of their choice with musical accompaniment;
  • Perform a self-choreographed dance to music. This should be rehearsed at home and last no more than two minutes (please bring the music on CD or on an mp3 player with standard stereo audio output); 
  • Talk for one minute on their favourite film, play or musical.;
  • Introduce themselves (in character) as a famous person and explain what they are famous for and why. 
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