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Song 1

Don’t trust a Cheetah

Don’t trust a Cheetah

With your ryvita

Or I will nick it and I’ll stick it up my nose

With just one packet

I’ll make a racket

And then I’ll crunch it into crumbles with my toes

Where Cheetahs come from

We’re all so numb from

The boring jungle food we splat it on the wall

But for a biscuit I like to risk it

Because all Cheetahs love Ryvitas most of all

You mustn’t pet me

You mustn’t let me

In the cupboard where you keep your biscuit store

Cos if you do it

I’ll just get through it

Crunch, crunch, crunch

And you’ll find that you are hungry ever more

Song 2

Jungle Rumble

Can you hear it in the jungle?

That jungle beat

Careful not to make a bungle

Or you’ll be dead meat

There’s lions and tigers

And cheetahs too

If you move a muscle

They’ll be coming after you

Jungle rumble jungle rumble

Take a tumble if you dare

There are snakes and hairy spiders

So you better all beware

Jungle rumble jungle rumble

Now don’t fumble with your feet

Just keep both ears to the ground and you will hear

That jungle rumble beat


If you’re going on a rumble

You need a friend

Because if you even stumble

It’ll be your end

There’s Venus fly traps

And poisonous flowers

If you’re gonna make it

Baby you’ll need all your powers

Song 3

Own Choice





Poem 1

Banana Pie Rap 

Way down south down jungle way

The monkeys are having a baking day

They’re gonna bake a pie so fine and so sweet

But the smallest little monkey will not eat

I don’t like banana pie

You don’t like banana pie

I don’t like banana pie

Why why why?


Poem 2

Noisy Jungle

Lions laugh

Tigers titter

Zebras zag and zig

Monkey mutter

Hippos holler

Jackals dance a jig

Snakes slither

Rhinos roar

Birds chirp and cheep

This jungle is too noisy


No wonder I can’t sleep


Poem 3

Own Choice 


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