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Song 1

Dolly Dolphin (Verses 1 & 2 & chorus)

I'm Dolly Dolphin, yes, that's me

The youngest of the Dolphin family

'Cos I am cute and small they make a fuss

Bein’ a baby dolphin’s such a plus!

I got a baby voice, when I talk

I wave my baby flippers when I walk (Swim)

I suck a baby dummy like I was told

The only trouble is I'm six years old!

Six years old

Six years old

Oh No!

Oh Dolly Dolphin

She's never gonna leave the playpen

Oh Dolly Dolphin

She wants to be a lickle ickle dolphin again

Song 2

Deep Sea Creature

I am the Deep Sea Creature

It’s nice to meet ya

I’m green and crusting

I’m quite disgusting! (funny voice)

Deep Sea Creature

Like your worst school teacher

My eyes can see you

I wouldn’t wanna be you!

Way down deep,

I lurk below you

I’ve got nasty teeth to show you

I hang out on the ocean bottom

I see your legs

 I got ‘em!

Deep Sea Creature

Deep Sea Creature

I haven’t one nice feature

That’s kind or grateful

No, I’m simply hateful

Think my stillness is a slumber?

Careful, boy, I’ve got your number

I sit here for days and watch ya,

Get too close

I gotcha!


Song 3

Tea under the Sea

Ev’ry whale, ev’ry minnow across the ocean

And ev’ry creature in between has a devotion to

Cucumber sandwiches, a pot of finest brew

And we always crook our little fingers too!

We’re having tea

Under the Sea

And every fish will raise a teacup with good cheer

How do you do?

One lump or two, my dear?

If you’ve got good manners

Shiny scales

You can make small talk with no bubble trails

Then please do come to tea under the Sea!

Poem 1


Smellyfish Jellyfish you’re so cool

But you never ever went to washing school

We hold our noses

Wave and think (high voice)

Pwoah Jellyfish!

What’s that stink?


Poem 2

Septimus the Octopus

Septimus the Octopus was terribly sad

Because he didn’t have what other Octopi had

His friends all had eight legs and were in Octopus heaven

But Septimus the Octopus only had seven

He counted them:

One, two, three, four

 So far everything is great!

Five, six, seven,


Where oh where is number eight?

I want to find a new one but there’s none going spare!

I even tried to pull one off a wooden chair!

I’m telling you!

Though I’m very happy with my seven feet,

With one more leg my life would be complete


Poem 3

Own Choice 


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