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Download the Pinocchio songs to practise at home

If your child would like to practise the Pinocchio songs at home, you can download them below.

To play, just click the titles below. To download, simply right-click the title and choose 'Save As...' to choose where to save on your computer.

Evil Showman


Oh Pinocchio


My daughter had an amazing time at the Wizard of Oz holiday workshop. Sam and her team are very professional and encouraging.

– Ms Kate Kerwood

Charlie loved the course - came out each day very happy and chatty about what he’d been up to and he was delighted about taking part in the play (and we loved watching him in it!). Lovely teachers, a great experience all round.

– Miss Nicola Bell

Both boys absolutely loved the Perform camp and they normally do camps that are more sports focused. The camp was well organised and the staff were incredibly personable, help and very kind to the children. It was a shame about the technical hitch when the live performance was streamed but this was not anyone's fault. We will definitely be booking for Perform camps going forward and the weekly classes.

– Mrs Dalia Jennings

The boys had such a great time! I don't see how it could have been much better.

– Mr G. Rubinstein

Absolutely amazing experience for both my son and us as parents. He became so confident through the week, despite saying he was nervous for the show. There aren’t enough words to describe our appreciation. Thank you!

– Ms Andreea Natapov

Matilda says it was epic and that she wants to go again every week. She really enjoyed it and mad lots of new friends. We are still singing the songs and have had a weekend of 'I miss Perform' and a few tears that it is over.

– Nicola Hill

Edith loves Perform and the teachers were great. It is amazing just how much they learn in 3 days ! The performance at the end was excellent.

– Ms Imogen Planner

Both my children said it was the best thing they had ever done. Both have been ecstatically engaged all week. Jess is an absolute wonder. As a working mum who suffers from huge guilt when sending my kids to camps over summer, it was an utter joy to know how happy they were. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Ms Sirine Saba

Mayah loved the Perform summer course! She had a wonderful week. Every time I picked her up she would tell me in detail what they did. Not only about practicing the lines and songs for the performance but also the games they played. She really had fun and enjoyed her role. 

– Lenka Kohli

Perfect course for my 5 year old daughter, such a professional set up. I love the fact Perform focuses on social skills and having fun and is not a pushy stage school.

– Mrs Lauren Michalos
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