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CREATE with confidence

Our practical CREATE courses encourage children to express themselves creatively while, at the same time, developing problem-solving and design skills.

Whether you choose CODING, LEGO® or ART & CRAFTS, our enthusiastic teachers will be with your child every step of the way as they design and create something amazing of their own.

With structured sessions divided into individual instruction, creative expression and group games and exercises, your child will enjoy a brilliant week stretching their creativity, making new friends and having fun.

Coding creativity

Get your child set for the future

From self-driving cars to social media, tech is revolutionizing our lives. Coding is a fundamental skill that boosts concentration and creativity as well as being huge fun.

Our friendly coders will introduce concepts such as logic and loops then help your child combine graphics, audio and rules into an amazing game. Combined with energetic activities, this course is a fantastic way to spark your child’s interest in what could be become a lifelong passion.

LEGO® for life

Building imaginations brick by brick

If your child loves LEGO®, they’ll love this. Come and join our energetic team as we tackle some challenging construction projects.

Each day there’s a new theme – whether it be fast cars, beautiful palaces or crazy robots – but no matter what your child is working on, one of our dedicated engineers will be there to inspire and encourage.

Fun and stimulating, these courses are the perfect treat for the architects of the future.

Art Smart

Unleash your child’s creative potential

These exciting Art & Crafts courses are the perfect outlet for your child to express their creativity and visual flair.

Using a range of materials, including paint, print and modelling clay, our inspirational artists will give your child the tools to get their imaginations soaring (without worrying about making a mess!).

With a brand new creation to take home each day, this is the ideal course to take your child’s artistic talents to the next level.

We loved it and the girls loved it too. Well done!

– Mr Trevor Mallinson

My daughter has anxiety around talking and expressing herself which we are working on. Perform is a great resource for her and is really helping with her speech. Both Rhia and Alex were professional, lovely and bubbly.

– Ms Kylie Greenslade

Really impressed, especially given the time constraints and Covid. Hector was a bit reluctant to go in each day but then had a great time. He’s even opted to do a trial with Sian next week.

– Mrs Gemma Bowles

Summer absolutely loved this course! She says that she wants to come back every single school holiday! Thank you!

– Mrs Julia Foxx

Allegra loved the camp!

– Mrs Nadia Goslar

Effie really enjoyed her three days. She was a bit nervous at first because she didn't know any of the other kids but she came out every day full of the joys of what she had been up to and was singing the songs the whole time. I'm so glad she had such a great time. Thank you!

– Miss Sarah Maccormick

I appreciated the hard work and enthusiasm of the teachers. Jim said it was enthralling and  thought the best bit was doing the show. Zach loved playing the dragon game. The dragons were really funny!

– Mrs Madeline West

Alexa loved her 3 days at the holiday club. She has such a fun time and I can’t believe how much you all achieve in just 3 short days. All so professional and fun to watch.

– Mrs Juliette Dutta

Alex had a brilliant time and we all loved watching the performance. He really liked his teachers and loved learning the songs. He taught his little sister the actions and they were both dancing along to the video.

– Ms Kate Hampson

Noah did Perform for the first time in the summer and came out of the class shouting “I loved it” without being prompted! We therefore decided to do the October half term course as well. 

– Mrs Eleni Richards

What your child will enjoy

  • Fun-packed full days of Coding, LEGO® or Art & Crafts running from 10am-3pm (5 hours) each day
  • Structured sessions alternating between creative time, fun games and physical activities

  • Inspiring and enthusiastic coders, engineers and artists experienced working with this age-range
  • Tailored approach enabling all children aged 4-10 to participate fully
  • Personalised certificate of acheivement for every child

Courses run from Monday 29th July - Friday 30th August and cost £275 (4 day) and £330* (5 day). Your child should bring a nut-free packed lunch and a water bottle.

Please click to find details of your nearest venues or to book online.

*Chelsea courses are charged at £380 for 5 days due to smaller class sizes. We offer a 25% discount for siblings and reductions for groups attending the same course at the same venue. All children are required to wear a Perform t-shirt throughout the duration of the holiday course. If your child does not have a t-shirt, this must be purchased at an additional cost of £8.50.

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