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To receive a Diamond Challenge Award, a child must demonstrate:

  • flawless diction, excellent projection and articulation. A wide range of vocal dynamics including the use of accent and vocal character traits;
  • flawless vocal intonation and the ability to sing different styles of music sensitively and lyrically in character and in time with the musical accompaniment and acapella;
  • energy, coordination, rhythm, character, flair and precision when performing a varied, imaginative and creative self-choreographed dance;
  • a very wide vocabulary, exceptional fluency, excellent listening and questioning skills, engaging conversation and appropriate eye contact throughout;
  • an excellent understanding of several aspects of a creative medium (such as theatre, film, TV or visual arts) and an ability to present a well-argued view articulately and persuasively;
  • an excellent ability to portray a character and situation displaying a sensitive and sophisticated understanding of the use of vocal and physical traits;
  • excellent fluent and consistent improvisation skills when in character.
  • excellent dialogue sight reading skills. 

During the assessment, the student may be asked to do any of the following:

  • Write and perform a monologue and deliver it in the role of a favourite character;
  • Perform a musical theatre song of their choice with musical accompaniment; 
  • Perform their favourite song acapella;
  • Perform a self-choreographed dance to music. This should be rehearsed at home and last no more than two minutes (if your child needs their own recorded music, please bring this on a device such as a phone so that it can be connected to the Challenger's speaker);
  • Prepare a character to use in an improvised duologue with the Challenger. 
  • Sight-read a script with the Challenger. 


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