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Interview technique

Entry into selective schools is now fiercely competitive.

Fortunately, we have the experience and the skills to help ensure your child makes an excellent first impression. 

Our Perform Interview Technique session will equip them with a toolbox of techniques and preparations especially designed for the school they are applying to. These include role-playing, focused exercises and tasks to practise at home.

However, our approach does not focus on pre-prepared answers or viewing the interview as a 'test'. Not only can this make your child nervous and tense but most experienced interviewers will also see through this. 

Instead, we encourage your child to see the interview as a conversation. Since our expertise is on building children’s communication and interpersonal skills, we help make the conversation to be as good as it can be.

With our detailed knowledge on entry procedures to selective schools, our sessions will help your child feel relaxed and confident, allowing them to show their true character, abilities and potential  on the day.

It’s lovely to see Rosie’s enthusiasm for the class and her embracing activities she finds challenging. It is indicative of the quality of the care and teaching that Rosie feels safe enough and free from anxiety to engage. 

– Mrs Nicky Mcguinness

Kya loves perform! She has been having an awesome time at each class. I have see Kya open more than ever before when she's in class dancing and singing. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

– Mrs Vne Sealy

The teachers have been very informative and I love their passion and enthusiasm at every class. I think Perform can only be a positive for Dylan who struggles in a few areas with confidence and patience. We are definitely glad we found this class.

– Mrs Emma Pentony

Luca is really loving Perform. He is definitely progressing and I'm positive his confidence is improving.

– Mrs Leticia Bene

My daughter's confidence level has increased a lot and she has become more vocal since she has joined Perform. I really like the teacher’s energy at the Perform. She is loving Mondays because she has her drama class on Monday. 

– Mrs Tenzin Zeydhan

I love that the classes each week focus on things not normally taught like eye contact and enunciation. My daughter is learning her lines and really enjoying it. Her confidence has definitely improved, as has her interaction with other people.

– Ms Selina Rivers

Andrew was excited after the first class and he looks forward to attending every other class. He's more confident and engaging when relating with others. We all have fun watching the "Robinson Crusoe In Space" DVD at home. Thanks to Jenni and the team for the hardwork and feedback.

– Anthonia Fasae

Selina loves her Perform sessions! At the end-of-term performance, she had few lines and even a solo (she only joined the group three weeks ago), we’ve never seen her so confident on stage.


– Sonya Hallowes

Liana was being so badly bullied at school that she had become a shell of herself. Perform is making such a difference to her confidence levels and Charlotte is absolutely wonderful with the children.

– Mrs Stephanie Killaspy

Ines cannot speak highly enough of Perform. She loves her teachers and enjoys her class and each week is coming out of her shell even more. Thank you so much to Jamie and Charlotte for their professionalism and teaching excellence.

– Mrs Alva Gardner-Perez

What our sessions cover

  • Being positive: Using role-play and upbeat exercises, our fun and interactive sessions will help your child celebrate their successes, allowing them to feel proud of their achievements.
  • Being themselves: We focus on allowing a child to think about scenarios or different areas of their life they enjoy talking about rather than drilling them with set questions that they learn off by heart.
  • Expression: We focus on developing and honing a child’s natural personality and self-confidence when answering practice questions.
  • Body language: We emphasize  and practise the importance of good eye contact, friendly and open body language.
  • Effective listening: Learning how to listen to the questions and taking time to think about an appropriate response - it is always better to say something than nothing.
  • Being prepared: Dealing with unexpected questions or those your child may not have an answer to.


Our Perform Interview Technique sessions take place in your home with one of our DBS-checked, experienced practitioners. Usually, just one session will be enough to give your child the skills and assurance to perform at their very best but we can also arrange a short course if preferred.

Call our friendly team on 020 7255 9120 to book or for more information.

The honour and privilege of having Rochine prepare my 7 + for very competitive interviews was simply amazing. Rochine is so kind, focused and brilliant with her coaching and assessments. She sets work and practice activities for the week to better prepare the child for the interview. Our daughter got into the top prep schools in the country courtesy the brilliant support, nurturing and confidence build up from the lovely Rochine. - Pavani Sibal

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