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Interview technique

Entry into selective schools is now fiercely competitive.

Fortunately, we have the experience and the skills to help ensure your child makes an excellent first impression. 

Our Perform Interview Technique session will equip them with a toolbox of techniques and preparations especially designed for the school they are applying to. These include role-playing, focused exercises and tasks to practise at home.

However, our approach does not focus on pre-prepared answers or viewing the interview as a 'test'. Not only can this make your child nervous and tense but most experienced interviewers will also see through this. 

Instead, we encourage your child to see the interview as a conversation. Since our expertise is on building children’s communication and interpersonal skills, we help make the conversation to be as good as it can be.

With our detailed knowledge on entry procedures to selective schools, our sessions will help your child feel relaxed and confident, allowing them to show their true character, abilities and potential  on the day.

Elijah is always excited to go to Perform. He enjoys his time there, meeting other children and with Abby and Sammy. Even though Elijah is on the Autism spectrum, I'm happy with how he has settled in, he's communicating well and taking directions.

– Ms Maxine Mckenzie

Perform has given my daughter so much confidence. It's like magic!

– Mrs Alice Avery

Amelie loves going to Perform and I like the weekly themes. Dealing with anger this week was a very relevant topic for Amelie! Oli is so enthusiastic and helped Amelie to fit in straightaway.

– Mrs Jennifer Parkes

Abigail is wonderful - even though Ella just started, she feels comfortable and excited to go to class and I can tell that Abigail makes her feel special. It's been pretty amazing to see how quickly Ella has fallen in love with drama!

– Ms Kate Tallant

My daughter has so much fun in the class. She always looks forward to coming and leaves happy too. We can already see a difference in her, her confidence is growing and she is opening up more too.

– Mrs Mary Ann James

Sadie is thrilled to be attending Perform! She looks forward to Monday every week. I’m so pleased she is part of a positive group that encourages her to work with others and improve herself.

– Ms Danielle Batten

The classes are great and have helped so much with Olly’s confidence. He loves coming every week.

– Miss Zoe Miller

The best class for my daughter. We are very happy with the progress and with the communication between Sam and us.

– Mrs Otilia Lungu

The classes are full of so much fun and Siya loves the songs! Siya talks fondly about her teachers, who have made Siya feel so welcome to the group. I’ve definitely seen an positive improvement in Siya’s confidence.

– Mrs Ahuja

Yasmina’s confidence has really improved since starting Perform. The games are a hit and the teachers are so engaged and entertaining ! As a parent, I love the little ‘life lessons’- they're so important for their emotional and mental development.

– Dr Asma Fikree

What our sessions cover

  • Being positive: Using role-play and upbeat exercises, our fun and interactive sessions will help your child celebrate their successes, allowing them to feel proud of their achievements.
  • Being themselves: We focus on allowing a child to think about scenarios or different areas of their life they enjoy talking about rather than drilling them with set questions that they learn off by heart.
  • Expression: We focus on developing and honing a child’s natural personality and self-confidence when answering practice questions.
  • Body language: We emphasize  and practise the importance of good eye contact, friendly and open body language.
  • Effective listening: Learning how to listen to the questions and taking time to think about an appropriate response - it is always better to say something than nothing.
  • Being prepared: Dealing with unexpected questions or those your child may not have an answer to.


Our Perform Interview Technique sessions take place in your home with one of our DBS-checked, experienced practitioners. Usually, just one session will be enough to give your child the skills and assurance to perform at their very best but we can also arrange a short course if preferred.

Call our friendly team on 020 7255 9120 to book or for more information.

The honour and privilege of having Rochine prepare my 7 + for very competitive interviews was simply amazing. Rochine is so kind, focused and brilliant with her coaching and assessments. She sets work and practice activities for the week to better prepare the child for the interview. Our daughter got into the top prep schools in the country courtesy the brilliant support, nurturing and confidence build up from the lovely Rochine. - Pavani Sibal

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