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Lucy's blog

A guide to using screen time well

I bought my son an iPhone a few months ago. This was partly as a reward for working towards an exam but mainly as a practical solution to him travelling on public transport to secondary school for the first time on his own. As decisions go, this was one of my worst ones...

Actors are the most resourceful people I know

As somebody who has worked with actors for over 20 years, I very rarely meet one who isn’t incredibly motivated, eager and keen to work in their chosen profession or in other fields. I suppose it's because acting work is hard to come by so you have to be flexible...

Helping children deal with back-to-school nerves

I often hear parents say that their children can get very nervous about starting school for the first time and even going back to school after the summer break. If this is your child, then rest assured that it’s really normal and lots and lots of children experience...
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