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Lucy's blog

“I want it now”

My 3 year old is at that stage where he can be quite inconsolable when he wants something and isn't getting it. Frequently, this is for the most trivial of reasons - such as the fact that his sister has the toy he wants to play with. But whatever the cause, when it...

Could you make do with just 10 items?

On a visit to the dentist this week, I was flicking through an old copy of Red Magazine and came across an article called "Your Life in 10 Items" - sadly I can't seem to find it online, so you'll have to make do with my synopsis... Ready? Here goes :) The...

Last Month in the Blogosphere - March 2011

The clocks have gone forward, cruelly robbing us of an hour of sleep - but, now the evenings are lighter for longer, I remember why really it's worth it! Spring is here - hooray! Before you know it, Easter will be upon us. Incidentally if you are wondering what to do...
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