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Measuring Happiness

Earlier this month I read an article in the Observer which shared the results of a research project which seemed to suggest that the fewer siblings a child has, the happier they are; and that only children are the most contented. "Sibling bullying" seemed to be a...

Diwali Celebrations

Earlier this month, we organised some Diwali-themed entertainment at a Mela (a Diwali celebration) at the Nehru Centre in Central London. We devised a theatre arts workshop which we did with 70 children based on the Diwali story. Diwali (popularly known as the...

This Month in the Blogosphere - October 2010

So how was your October? Hope you all had an amazing Half Term and Halloween! As usual it's been all go here so sorry this is about a week late. Am now thinking about Christmas and promising myself that I really will be more organised this year - well here's...
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