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Going on an Easter Egg Hunt!

In writing this post, I'm hoping to sufficiently distract myself from the Easter Treats which I've just purchased for the children... but they are calling my name... just so you know ;) As a child, my Granny always used to do Easter Egg Hunts for us, and this year,...

Kids Say The Funniest Things

I was chatting to a few parents after a Perform class this week, when one of the children came running up to me; very excitedly: "Lucy, Lucy - I've got a massive brew - do you want to see?" Amused and somewhat intrigued I said yes, of course. He rolled up...

Eating Out with Your Child

Eating out should be fun, right? Sadly, I know some parents who've given up on eating out with their children altogether as they've found the experience entirely too much of a trauma to bother with. I love eating out (no cooking, no washing up - what's not to...
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