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Lucy's blog

Halloween Party fun and games

If you have a Halloween Party coming up then I've got some great interactive drama-based games for you to have fun with. Halloween has always been a highlight in my calendar and, at Perform, we are rushed off our feet in late October with our Magician's Chamber drama,...

Top tips for a stress-free children's party

My children were born in September and October so, once mid-August arrives, I start birthday party planning. Naturally, I always have a Perform Party (what else?!), so that certainly makes things easier for me. But, even taking that into account, I still find my own...

Keeping Children Focused (or Taming the Rabble!)

Being the Principal of Perform I've learnt a good deal about crowd control over the years - keeping a gaggle of 4 to 8 year olds focused and entertained is no mean feat. I met with some of my teachers this week and was keen to get them to share some of their experiences...
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