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Lucy's blog

Lucy's top 10 tips for children's theatre etiquette

The Christmas holidays can be the first time children have been to the theatre, be it to see a Panto or a family show. Live performances should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience but, how do we introduce children to the magic of live theatre whilst adhering to theatre...

Things to do with your kids this summer

Make a summer holiday playlist With more time for music at home during school holidays (no rushed breakfasts or evening homework), why not create a holiday playlist where each family member gets to choose their favourite summer songs. You may find this also builds skills in...

Shakespeare for children

Shakespeare is most celebrated playright and poem and his works have spawned many phrases that we use today, and whilst his writing can be seen as challenging, there are ways that we can make it more accessible for children.  Children love to be challenged, so...
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