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Lucy's blog

How to recruit a fabulous teacher

If your child has ever been to a Perform class, you'll know that all our teachers are brilliant - enthusiastic, energetic and extremely professional. Not only are they talented performers in their own right, they are also totally passionate about helping childen...

Drama Teachers Wanted!

When I first started Perform, one of my friends told me that ?staff would be my biggest problem?. She had her own business and said that finding the right people was her main challenge. In many ways, she was right. It is continual challenge to keep recruiting brilliant...

The P Factor

On January 8th 2000, I opened my first Perform class. Me, a teacher and four children. It went pretty well - all things considered. But, afterwards, when I was talking to the parents about my plans to eventually open Perform all over London, one of the mums said that my...
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