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Lucy's blog

Happy St David's day

When I was a child, my favourite days of the year, in order, were: 1) Christmas Day 2) My birthday 3) St David's Day The first two are obvious of course - they involve presents! But the third, St David's day, might surprise you.   For those who...

Why French Children Don't Throw Food

There’s been a lot of discussion in the press recently about Pamela Druckman’s intriguingly named book,  French Children Don’t Throw Food, which promises "parenting secrets from Paris". I’m always a bit sceptical about...

Thank you mummy

Before I had my own children, I had very clear ideas about the way in which I was going to bring them up. Having taught so many and seen so many parents 'parent', I thought I knew it all. Hmmm... The reality, of course, has been very different. There are so many...
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